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Echinacea Purpurea - healing properties and magical attributes

Echinacea is anti-inflammatory and is beneficial in the acute stages of a cold or flu. It may also be more effective when used in conjunction with other immune-supportive herbs such as Elderberry and Gingerroot. During this time, Echinacea must be taken in high doses and frequency to be effective as soon as symptoms begin to appear.⁠

It also decreases inflammatory allergic reactions in mild food allergies and stimulates gastric healing. The constituent, echinacin, has been shown to be useful in the treatment of tonsillitis. It is used for colds, influenza, wounds, infections, allergies, bacterial and viral disease, swollen glands, and gum disease.⁠

Magical Attributes⁠

Carrying Echinacea will provide inner strength during trying times. It can also be grown around the house or brought into a house and placed in a vase to draw prosperity into the home and protect the family from suffering from poverty.⁠

Echinacea is an appropriate flower for offerings, especially to place spirits and river God(dess)es.⁠

Including Echinacea in any spell or charm will increase its effectiveness.⁠

Harvest the tops in the third year, and the roots in the fourth year.⁠

Thoroughly wash and dry the roots. Lay roots and tops out in the sun to dry.⁠ Book a herb counseling session with me!

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