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Tarot reading for the week - Pick a card that represents your inner masculine the best!

Pick a card that represents your inner masculine the best! You can choose to focus on what type of man is your next partner if you wish. 🔮

Choose a card you feel most drawn to and scroll down to see the message it brings.

The deck I use today is the Lightseers tarot.

Card no 1: King of Pentacles 👑

The King of Pentacles is a stable man, with both feet on the ground. He is the reliable kind and will take care of all people he loves. He is usually sorted in life, owns his own house, got a steady job, and stays healthy and fit.

If you have drawn the King of Pentacles, you are in a good place in life where stability is important to you.

Card no 2: King of Swords ⚔️

The King of Swords is extremely intelligent, brave and uses his wits in most situations. He knows how to talk for himself and is a master of all kinds of communications.

The King of Swords indicates that you have clarity of mind and can perceive the truth, so it is up to you to take the lead by providing an objective point of view in the situation you are in.

Card no 3: King of Wands 🔥

The King of Wands represents pure fire energy in its masculine form. He is passionate, fierce, fun-loving, charismatic and full of energy to start new projects. The King loves to take an idea and then enlist others to help him actualize it. See this as a sign that you are stepping into the role of a visionary leader, ready to direct your people towards a common goal.

Card no 4: King of Cups 🏆

The King of Cups is emotionally mature, deep, creative, and kind-hearted. If you have chosen this card, you have gained control of your feelings and can accept them without allowing them to get the better of you. Even when life throws you a curveball, you can draw on your emotional maturity and stability to help you navigate these challenges. You don’t let things get to you, and you steer clear of the drama.

Which card did you pick? Did you resonate with the message? ❤️ Book a private reading with me


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