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Lakshmi - Goddess of prosperity, wealth and generosity

Hexstory: The Hindu Goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, and generosity, Lakshmi is believed to be attracted to sparkling jewels similar to the riches bestows upon her supplicants. She embodies beauty, grace, and charm. In Hindu mythology, Lakshmi represents all that is feminine, while her consort, Vishnu represents all that is masculine. The word Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, meaning "aim" or "goal," and in the Hindu faith, she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity of all forms, both material and spiritual. To woo her favor, every November on the night of the new moon Hindu women clean their homes and hang tiny lanterns that glitter like diamonds in the darkness. Many believe she lives in the sky with the stars whose gem-like brilliance adorns her beauty.

Image by Devely


Open up to receive all the abundance life has to offer. You have worked so hard to reach where you are today and now is the time to reap the harvest of what you have sown in the past. May the abundance showered on you be only of benefit to the world it is connected to.

HEXERCISE: Abundance prayer:

1. Sit down with your spine straight. Light a candle. Burn some incense, Palo santo, or sage (if you have it) to cleanse yourself and the space. Ring a bell or singing bowl (if you have one) to open the space. Take some deep breaths to connect to Lakshmi and all other spirits, angels, and guides that are fully on your side regarding acquiring true abundance in your life. Welcome them into your prayer. 2. Imagine yourself calling in full abundance, in all areas of your life, and step into what that feels like. Be as detailed and precise as possible to what you are calling in and lean towards your goal with your whole spirit. Open your hands skyward and stay open to receive all that comes your way. Close your eyes for a bit and really and truly feel how it will affect your health, happiness, and peace. Continue and see in your mind's eye how this in turn will ripple out into the world around you and inspire and affect others. May all involved and touched by this only benefit from your shift. Thank Lakshmi and your spirits, angels, and guides, and open up to receive it with a full heart. 3. Now please turn the knob one step up and see if you can call in even more prosperity. If you asked for 10.000 dollars in your bank account, make it 20.000. If you asked for an abundance of joy in your life, make it bliss. If you asked for an upgrade in your love life, make the details even juicier. Add more areas that you want to see yourself abundant and prosperous in. Remember; more is more! What does this feel like? How does it affect yourself and those around you? Truly feel it. Send your gratitude to Lakshmi and your guardian spirits that support you in this area. 4. See if you can turn the knob yet another step up and see what happens when you open up to full abundance in all areas of your life. Call in the abundance you want to see happening around you and in the world at large. Go wild. Dream big! Step into what it feels like to live a prosperous life in an abundant world and anchor this feeling strongly in your body and soul. 5. Imagine that every person praying and asking for abundance across the planet now will receive what you will get. 5. Send your gratitude to Lakshmi and the spirit guides and see how every step you take from now on will be on the path to abundance. Prepare yourself for a quick upgrade and energies shifting around you already. May it be so!


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